Our company provides the following types of services:

Process engineering and design, implementation of new technologies

Project engineering and design services, design authority supervision

Development of system solutions for equipment suppliers

Project administration and coordination services

Project management - engineering and consulting services

Consulting services (audit of industrial facilities, support of mining industry assets acquisition transactions)

 Support of new technological production lines commissioning and start-up works

Procurement support services (inspection of fabrication plants production facilities, preparation of commercial and technical parts of vendor quotation inquiries for equipment and materials, etc.), supply of local components and spare parts.

Our company in collaboration with our partners can provide complete project lifecycle services (design, procurement, project management, construction) in "One-stop shop" service format.

Our company works in the following sectors of industry:


«ThreeE» LLC offers services for processing plants retrofitting projects and new construction projects. The scope of these services include: engineering and design services, process design, development of system solutions for mining equipment producers, procurement services and administrative-and-technical support of projects. We are the authorized trade agent of METSO and involved with procurement of such kinds of equipment as crushers, screens, grinding rolls, mills, feeders, conveyors, pumps, hydro cyclonic separators and other equipment. Together with its engineering and design partners, «ThreeE» LLC provides full project lifecycle services including metallurgical test-work, preliminary project studies, engineering and design, procurement and mining projects management.


In collaboration with companies Reining Heisskuhlung GmbH and Garant-Filter GmbH «ThreeE» LLC offers solutions for increasing energy consumption efficiency and environment friendliness of metallurgical industries by introducing innovative technologies of handling large volumes of hot and highly polluted off-gases for steel making and pre-heating furnaces. 

Proposed off-gases cooling and waste heat recuperation solutions significantly increase energy consumption efficiency and operational availability of the equipment. Evaporation cooling systems with off-gases waste heat recuperation enable production of extra volumes of steam for the technological needs. Implementation of given systems allows to reduce significantly consumption of plant resources and utilities such as natural gas, water and allows to reduce steam transportation costs from the external steam pipeline grids.  

Proposed solutions for dust removal and gas cleaning include technological know-how and licensed equipment of conventional vertical bag filters and flat horizontal bag filters, dry sorption equipment, cyclones, scrubbers, and accessory equipment.  


In collaboration with S.A. SNC-Lavalin N.V. (Belgium), «ThreeE» LLC offers integrated services for chemicals and mineral fertilizers plants including engineering, design, procurement, installation supervision, commissioning, start-up support services and operators training. Due to availability of the own technological know-how, process and general design experience, many years of work experience with firms - International process licensors, we offer our clients complex of full project lifecycle services for sustaining capital and new construction projects of production plants of nitric, phosphoric and sulfuric acids, phosphate and NPK fertilizers and chemicals. Detailed information about experience and technological portfolio, available with our company, provided in the presentation file, please follow the link below to retrieve it.


 «ThreeE»  LLC

 «ThreeE»  LLC- engineering,design and project management


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