"We take care of our future through introducing best available environmental friendly technologies and advanced approaches of projects implementation."

Founder and President of «ThreeE» LLC

Ilya Galtsov


"Our company is committed to the principles of sustainable development, equal opportunities, responsible attitude towards the communities, where we live and work, people’s health, environment and resources, which we consume.  By using modern industrial technologies, expertise, best practices in design and project management, where we dedicate significant attention to issues of labor and industrial safety, we are confident, that given our own example, we inspire our colleagues and partners. By joining our efforts we can make World a better place!"

Vice-president of engineering of «ThreeE» LLC

Ivan Zavedeev

Our company 


Dear Colleagues! 
«ThreeE» LLC - is young and dynamically growing engineering company, which I am a founder of, established in late 2017 and proceeded to active operations at the beginning of 2018, acting under our «3E» brand name. From the beginning our company was envisaged as PMC project management consulting) contractor. With the time, we have composed the pool of our partners, representing genuine expert community consisting of engineering, design and process engineering companies, equipment producers and construction firms. Accurate coordination of our joint activities within the pool members allowed us to offer our Clients the one-stop-shop services, which cover complete project life cycle requirements. Today we are capable enough to take on the role of the engineering company – leader of EPC consortium to implement various mining projects. 
Due to our proactive position and adherence to innovations, we started to work in the new advanced areas such as environmental technologies, energy efficiency, cost-effective use of resources, which received the extensive reliance in metallurgical and chemical industries and thermal power generation.

Currently we focus our activities on technology engineering and design and are actively involved in the establishment of innovation centre, which will promote the best available on the market environmentally clean technologies. Our Company’s mission is to make life of communities, where we live and work, more comfortable and safe by means of implementation of effective industrial production technologies, which should gradually reduce industry's harmful effect on environment and people health. This is precisely why we, in course of our activities, driven by the principles of ENGINEERING of technologies, EFFICIENCY and friendliness towards ENVIRONMENT.  These complementary principles of responsible business conduct constitute our company brand and found their reflection in our corporate style of work.
Respectfully yours, 
Ilya GaltsovFounder and President of «ThreeE» LLC Ilya Galtsov

Our partners worldmap:  Kazakhstan, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Finland, Republic of South Africa


Ilya Galtsov

Founder and President of «ThreeE» LLC

Ilya Galtsov has over than 15 years of work experience in sector of engineering and design, which include 10 years of business development and complex investment projects management work experience.
From 2004 throughout 2014, while working in management teams of the leading mining and metallurgical companies such as MMC «Norilsk Nickel», SUEK, Atomredmetzoloto, MMC«Intergeo», Ilya Galtsov gained the unique management experience of green-field and brown-field mining projects.

In 2014-2015 worked in company «Metso» – leading global producer of mining equipment – where he was responsible for engineering support of sales and development of integrated system solutions for clients. 
Ilya has vast experience in dealing with leading international engineering houses, mining consultants, Russian design institutes, producers of equipment and technology developers. 
Possess deep knowledge of Russian as well as of the International practices of assessment and implementation of investment projects, including the international standards of resources and reserves estimation according to JORC and NI 43-101 codes. 
During his career successfully implemented and participated in implementation of various full cycle large scale mining projects, which included all phases from exploration through construction phase.
The most vivid example is the project of construction of Bystrinskiy mining and processing complex (10 mtpa of ore) in Transbaikal Territory, which was successfully commissioned in October, 2017. I. Galtsov, while working in MMC «Norilsk Nickel», managed all pre-design and engineering and design works until submitting project design documentation for GlavGosExpertiza approval.  Managed the following projects at early stages of implementation: Elcon uranium project (Republic of Yakutia), Kingash mining and processing complex (Krasnoyarsk Territory, throughput 18.5 mtpa), Ak-Sug mining and processing complex (Republic of Tuva, throughput 24 mtpa).

Ivan Zavedeev

Vice-president of engineering «ThreeE» LLC

Ivan Zavedeev worked recent 16 years in sector of engineering, design and project management,   including 13 years of work experience in engineering powerhouses, members of TOP 5 rank of ENR’s top 225 International design companies ranking – AECOM and SNC-Lavalin, as well as Russian lead design Institute JSC «Giprotsvetmet». Ivan Zavedeev engaged with operations management, business development, projects implementation management. 
From 2004 throughout 2016, whilst working in leading engineering companies AECOM and SNC-Lavalin, Ivan Zavedeev gained indispensable experience of contracting and management of sustaining capital and new construction projects, covering complete project implementation cycle. Contracted scopes of work include technical audit, development of project scoping studies, PFS, Basic Engineering package, Bankable feasibility study, expanding up to full project lifecycle main works such as design, procurement, construction-and-installation supervision, commissioning and start-up support services, operators training.

Ivan Zavedeev participated in implementation of 35 projects in various sectors of industrial construction including aluminum smelters, mining and metallurgical industry, power, chemical and mineral fertilizer industries, food industries, etc.
In 2001-2003 worked in Packaging and Rolling divisions of RUSAL, where was responsible for product marketing and development of sales in sectors «business-to-customer» and «business-to-business», then was Project manager of «Aluminum beverage can stock» project.
Have significant experience of cooperation with leading International engineering companies, consultants, Russian design institutes, producers of equipment and technology developers. 
Throughout his work supported several actual reconstruction and new construction projects implementation mainly in chemicals and mineral fertilizer sectors. 
Before that time Ivan Zavedeev has worked earlier in consulting, trade and industrial firms, in 1997-1999 was acting manager (head) of the Russo-British Chamber of Commerce representative office. He has basic technical education and occupational retraining with specialization «Industrial and civil construction» at the state funded educational institution «Moscow civil engineering university» and specialization «Financial management» at the Financial Academy at Government of Russia under Management training Programme for national economy enterprises (Presidential programme). In 1995-1996 he had postgraduate studies at the University of Edinburgh (UK) with specialization «Artificial intelligence – knowledge based systems» under UK Foreign and Commonwealth «Chevening» programme, as a holder of Her Majesty Elizabeth II Queen of Britain specially assigned  Queens’s academic scholarship.

 «ThreeE»  LLC

 «ThreeE»  LLC- engineering,design and project management


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