Environmental technologies

Our values:

We take care of the environment and contribute to peaceful coexistence of ecology and economy through promoting deliberate approach towards industrial production and introducing best available technologies.

Economy and Environment – current situation

In accordance with 2019's activities report issued by the Russian National Audits Office, pollution of water, air and soil in Russia slows down the economic growth pace.Today, without solving environmental problems, it will not be possible to accomplish the objectives, which are being pursued by the Russian Federal Government and Governors, particularly the objective to increase lifetime expectancy and reach steady population growth in Russia.
  • Resources export orientation of the national economy facilitates continuous accumulation of waste (mining industry produces up to 86.8% of the overall waste volume).
  • Existing technologies and production facilities has become are obsolete and the renovation pace is very slow.
  • Environment and sustainable development related issues become the world's most actual problems amongst economy related issues raised.
  • Environmental risks mitigation become the integral part of the corporate management and investment policies.
  • Corporate strategies of majority of global companies envisage the unconditional requirement towards their suppliers and contractors to be environmental friendly and stand by the UN principles of sustainable development.

Main activities




At present «ThreeE» LLC is actively working on the idea of launching of the best available technologies innovation centre.
Our main objectives, related to the activities in this area, are as follows:
  • To establish in Russia the integrated centre for collection and analysis of the best available technologies worldwide and development of local state-of-art environmental technologies – so called «Incubator of environmental BATs».
  • To provide highly qualified informational and engineering support to the projects aimed at implementation of best technologies and latest technological achievements.

Functions of Innovation centre

  • Representing in Russia the providers of environmental technologies.
  • Providing qualified technical and informational support to local government organisations and industrial companies on the latest developments and available technologies.
  • Providing services of One-Stop-Shop for complex technological projects, which combine several suppliers of various technologies.
  • Providing highly qualified engineering and advisory services to support innovations implementation.
  • Perform local engineering and design and facilitate implementation of innovation projects performing the role of a qualified engineering company – EPC consortium leader.
  • Consulting foreign companies in regards to the Russian legislation and practices. PMC services and assistance in establishing EPC consortiums with local companies.

 «ThreeE»  LLC

 «ThreeE»  LLC- engineering,design and project management


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