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Depicted: one amongst the completed projects by SGS Bateman (Pty) Ltd.


Company SGS Bateman (Pty) Ltd  has formally authorized  our firm "ThreeE" LLC to act as their official representative in Russia and to continue carrying out business development activities on their behalf.

On 07.02.2020 «ThreeE» LLC has formally granted representation in Russia authority powers by SGS Bateman (Pty) Ltd as regards to all business development issues. Formal representation authority letter signed by Managing director of SGS Bateman (Pty) Ltd on the given date. SGS Bateman (Pty) Ltd.  is the affiliated firm to the International holding company SGS,  their main business is engineering, complex design and project management of  beneficiation and metallurgical plants construction projects.  Company gained significant expertise and experience and has many completed projects references in mining industry.


Joint participation of representatives of Reining Heisskuhlung GmbH, GARANT-Filter GmbH and «ThreeE» LLC in Conference on Energy efficiency enhancement in metallurgical industry. Presentation by I. Galtsov at the conference plenary meeting.

Joint delegation of representatives of «ThreeE» LLC, firms «GARANT-Filter GmbH» and «Reining Heisskühlung GmbH» took part in the Conference on Energy efficiency enhancement, which was jointly organized by Corporation «Chermet» together with PJSC «Severstal» in the City of Cherepovets on 27-28.11.2019. I. Galtsov, President of «ThreeE» LLC, made a presentation at the Conference on the subject «Off-gases complex handling technology, EAF case study».  Many working meetings with representatives and management of various companies including Metalloinvest, Severstal (Cherepovets Metallurgical Combine),EVRAZ, NLMK, NLMK-Kaluga, MMK, UMMC-Holding, Volzhskiy pipe plant and few others, were held during the conference.

Depicted: I. Galtsov speaks at the plenary meeting.

Depicted: Delegation members attending Conference on Energy efficiency enhancement.

Depicted: Conference on Energy efficiency participants.

Depicted: I. Zavedeev, Vice-president of Engineering of company «ThreeE» and Matthias Harde, Managing Director of Reining Heisskuhlung GmbH at the Conference.


Approval of sales representation contract with GARANT-Filter GmbH

«ThreeE» LLC and «GARANT-Filter GmbH» have approved the Contract of sales representation. Within framework of the given contract, «GARANT-Filter GmbH» has appointed «ThreeE» LLC to the role of its formal sales representative in Russia. Company is specialized on development of gas and dust treatment technologies and fabrication of equipment (standard vertical bag filters and flat bag filters). Main technological solutions cover by-product coking and chemicals industry, coal, steel making industries, thermal power generation plants.

Depicted: I.  Galtsov and I. Zavedeev with Mr Helmut Kurz, representative of GARANT-Filter GmbH, shortly after approval of the final version of sales representation contract on 26.11.2019.

Depicted: I. Zavedeev at the exhibition «Metal-Expo 2019».


Participation at the Exhibition «Metal-Expo 2019»

Representatives of «ThreeE» LLC participated in annual exhibition «Metal-Expo 2019».  Working meetings held with management of big metallurgical, machine building and technological equipment production companies within a framework of our evaporation cooling and gas treatment technologies and equipment business development and marketing efforts.  


Participation in 15-th Mining and Exploration Forum             "MINEX Russia 2019"

Representatives of «ThreeE» LLC participated in the annual, 15-th in succession from its opening, Mining and Exploration Forum «MINEX Russia 2019». Forum «MINEX Russia», which was held for the first time in 2005, and became one of the most significant and representative industrial assemblies in Russia and countries of Eurasian Economic Union, is fully dedicated to the actual problems of exploration, mining and processing of solid commercial minerals.

Depicted: I. Galtsov at the Forum «MINEX Russia 2019».

Depicted: Exhibit, which is located in Reining Heisskuhlung's office, represents the scaled model of the walking beam furnace with installed evaporation cooling system equipment developed and licensed to its customers by Reining Heisskuhlung.


Agreement for promotional and technical support services for off-gases evaporation cooling and heat recuperation technology signed with firm Reining Heisskuhlung GmbH & Co. KG.

«ThreeE» LLC and company "Reining Heisskühlung GmbH & Co. KG" (Germany) signed the Agreement for rendering evaporation cooling technology promotional services on the Russian market.  Reining Heisskühlung's specialists accumulated significant theoretical and practical expertise and experience in design and elaboration of the metallurgical pre-heating for rolling and smelting furnaces's off-gases evaporation cooling with heat recuperation systems.


Signing Agreement with SGS Bateman (Pty) Ltd. for local support services of Basic engineering package development for the project «Reconstruction of beneficiation plant of JSC «Novoshirokinskiy rudnik»».

«ThreeE» LLC and SGS Bateman (Pty) Ltd signed Agreement for support services of works, stipulated in the Primary Agreement between SGS Bateman (Pty) Ltd. and the Final Client - JSC «Novoshirokinskiy rudnik» (MC Russdragmet). Those works include design, engineering and development of cost estimates. Primary Agreement implemented within the framework of the project of reconstruction of the processing plant of JSC «Novoshirokinskiy rudnik», which includes in its scope construction of preliminary concentration facility, which is based on the XRT separation process circuit. Project target is to increase the overall throughput of the main Processing plant  by ore from 850 thousand tons per annum up to 1.3 million tons per annum.

Depicted: I. Galtsov is signing Agreement with SGS Bateman (Pty) Ltd.


Signed cooperation Agreement with firm S.A. SNC-Lavalin N.V. (Belgium)

Company «ThreeE» LLC signed cooperation Agreement with firm S.A. SNC-Lavalin N.V. (Belgium), which is specialized in engineering and design of mineral fertilizers plants. Owing to the technological know-how, which is available in-house, and many years of experience of collaboration with leading process licensors of sulfuric, nitric and phosphoric acids and complex mineral fertilizers technologies, S.A. SNC-Lavalin N.V. established itself as the leader on mineral fertilizers plants engineering and design services market. Company is the affiliate of engineering firm SNC-Lavalin Inc. (Canada). SNC-Lavalin implements projects in Russia / ex-USSR countries since 1976.


Signing trade agency Agreement with firm METSO

«ThreeE» LLC signed trade agency agreement with company METSO (Finland). Company METSO is World's leading producer of mineral processing technological process equipment, including crushing and grinding equipment, screens, feeders, flotation and filtration equipment, magnetic separation equipment.

Depicted: I. Galtsov is signing Agreement with firm METSO.

Depicted: I. Galtsov and I. Zavedeev visiting interactive visual display of Mining company «Bystrinskoye» , located at MMC «Norilsk Nickel»'s exhibition booth, exposed to visitors of the  29-th International mineral processing Congress.


Participation in 29-th International mineral processing Congress (IMPC).

Representatives of «ThreeE» LLC participated in 29-th International mineral processing Congress (IMPC) which held in Moscow. International mineral processing Congress, which has being held since 1952, became a recognized global venue of exchange of scientific and research information, promotion of technical expertise and experience, related to commercial mineral resources processing. IMPC was held in 1968 in Saint Petersburg. In 2018, Russia for the second time became the venue for this Congress.  International exhibition «IMPC 2018-EXPO.  Commercial minerals mining and beneficiation» held as the integral part of IMPC's activities. Apart from leading Russian mining companies, delegates from more than 20 countries took part in the Congress.


Signing the Agreement for services with SGS Bateman (Pty) Ltd. for development of Bankable feasibility study for the project  «Reconstruction of gold processing plant (GPP) "Belaya gora"».

«ThreeE» LLC initiated creation of project Consortium for development of the International feasibility study and project documentation for the  processing plant throughput increase project «Reconstruction of gold processing plant (GPP) "Belaya gora"» (Client – Management company Russdragmet).  Leaching plant, working on carbon-in-pulp (CIP) technology, will be the integral part of the project scope. «ThreeE» LLC acts in its capacity of subcontractor of SGS Bateman (Pty) Ltd., providing local project support services.

Depicted: I. Galtsov is signing Agreement with SGS Bateman (Pty) Ltd.

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